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The Secrets of Successful Virtual Communication

In today’s increasingly technology-driven workplaces, you need to decide which communication mode to choose and how to best leverage the nuances of that medium. In PING, you’ll discover secrets and research-backed strategies for optimizing workplace communication in a technology-centered world.

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Extend Your Teaching & Learning

Lead conversations on the most crucial takeaways about interacting in a more technology-driven workplace.

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PING Book Teaching Guide

Learning objectives, comprehension checks, discussion prompts, and activities that will enable readers to distill the most important book takeaways.

Email Negotiation Exercise

A paired negotiation exercise and corresponding teaching guide for classes/groups that is based on an email negotiation between Steve Jobs and News Corp. This activity will enable learners to gain experience conducting an email negotiation that includes multiple issues, high stakes, and the potential for heated emotions.

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Virtual Communication Review Articles

Explore key review papers and meta-analyses to stay abreast of the latest research in the fields of virtual communication, remote work, and virtual teams.

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