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The Secrets of Successful Virtual Communication

In today’s increasingly technology-driven workplaces, you need to decide which communication mode to choose and also how to best leverage the nuances of that medium. In PING, you’ll discover secrets and research-backed strategies for workplace communication in a technology-centered world.

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Build Habits for Enhanced
Productivity, Innovation, & Wellbeing

Navigate communication technologies with ease, and choose the right tool to fit the task.

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Team Norming Tool

Facilitate team collaboration and cohesion with our interactive Team Communication Norming Tool. Streamline the process of establishing group norms, fostering effective communication, and building a cohesive work environment. Elevate your team dynamics and achieve collective success with this powerful resource.

Virtual Communication Styles Tool

Objectively assess your communication habits, discover areas of growth, and gain personalized insights to improve your communication effectiveness.

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